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Speed Inc. Open House - April 26th

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Date: April 26th, 2008


Location: Hooter's of Schaumburg

1705 East Golf Road

Schaumburg, IL 60173



Meeting Time: 8:30am at the Hooters in Shaumburg.


Open House is from 10am-around 2pm


At 9:00am we will be departing Hooter's on our way to Speed Inc. (Address is 803 Albion Ave. Schaumburg, IL *DIRECTIONS* for those who don't make it to Hooter's by 9am when we leave) which should take us about 15 minutes. Once we are there, if there aren't a lot of people already there we can try to take pictures of all the vehicles together. After the event is over we can decide if we want to cruise somewhere to eat and maybe shoot some more pictures of the cars, this will require input from everyone who wants to go.


Please reply if you plan on attending..


here's some pictures and a video from last year..















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I'm contemplating it, round trip for me would be about $500 in just gas. I got to get a bunch of friends to go.

it will be a good time.. we're planning lunch/dinner afterwards. then maybe go to d&b's for a few beers and shuffle board. :cheers:

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I'll be out theres, it's not a work weekend. I think my Impala SS club will out there too's. www.theherd.com Do they have an AWD dyno, would love to see what my truck is putting to the wheels.

cool.. we'll see you out there then.


bump for the day..

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