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New Times This Weekend


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i went to a red river shootout this weekend and pulled out an 11.88 @ 111.81mph with a 1.61 60' on my street tires and a 2 stage 200 shot....i am very happy with the new times and i know Danny (sprayed99) is also happy he told me its the first truck with there tranny in it to hit 11's and it never missed a beat :cheers:

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Dang that's fast. Let me know how that trans holds up. I'd like to go with a trans from Danny when ever I'm ready to get a built trans :cheers:



it has 3 months of a 200+ shot being hit on it and im not talking one or 2 times..i went through 2 bottles saturday and i logged my mileage this weekend at 861 miles total...i would recommend Danny entirely for a trans


thanks Guys i knowi can get some better time out of Clifford...after all it still stock heads and stock intake and stock block

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Oh Yeah :driving: So who came out on top, TX or OK?


Mr. P. :)


well a truck from OK and yeah it was a street truck...a 1970ish c-10 with a 502 BB chevy and a bit of nitrous and was pulling the front left tire a lil bit....had a damn camper on it and a liscense plate that said ZZZZZZ...he went 11.2 from what i heard...i let my friend Greg (redheartbeat)stay and race him..i was beat from all day in the sun and didnt want to fill the bottles up again...plus i cant run down a built BB on spray

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