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Votech Supercharging System For Sale

stroked out

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Got a fairly new vortehc supercharging system forsale, 3000km on it and everything is included in the kit. Vortech t-trim, s-trim, water to air intercooler, Ice box, heat exchanger, B57 BOV, 3.33 inch pulley, 2.62 pulley, and one 8 rib 2.85 pulley, all hoses, inlet ducting, water pump, 57 lb injectors, and 42 injectors. This kit can be used for street or racing it is an awesome kit and has the potential for good soild power. The airtemp sensor has also been relocated to give better reading for better safer tuneing. Im asking 4000 O.B.O these parts are worth loads more than what Im asking so someone make and offer. Comes with an assortment of belts to for the pulley swaps

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OMG if i hadnt just gotten my wheels!!!!! actually, if you have this in a couple weeks still, i just might take it haha. Wait, are you willing to just sell the t trim and its needed parts for it? i may be even more interested if you can do that :D

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Sure i can do that but in you PM you asked for the s-trim?


my bad, i was being more realistic in the pm haha. I'm gonna need this mainly for a little street fun because this is my daily driver.

Will the B57 BOV be too big for just the s-trim?

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