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What Gears To Go With?

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Well as some know I have the 4l80e in my ss. I was reading some post on the long first gear of the 4l80e so i want to gear down a bit to make up for that first gear. My question is what gear would be good for a good launch but still be streetable (meaing no reving to the moon at frewat speeds) With my 4:10s and the 4l80e OD Im reving about 2300 at 60mph



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id stick with the 4.10's man i know some have put the 4.56 in but they will be getting high rpms and crap mileage.


shoot at 70 i think im around 2300 rpms and thats a bit high imo. in my maro with 4.10's im @ almost 80 @ 2000 rpms.(t56 are nice)


but i thought you were going with a radix lq9? that should have enough low end grunt to work you through that 1st gear good.

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Hello Guys, :cheers:

I want to go the other way. My SS has the 4L65E Transmission. What I want to do is down grade my Gears. With the cost of Gas these days, I would like to change to 3.73 or 3.43 gears. I know that his is a very heavy truck. Do any one have a ideal how the truck we run at speed limit with both of those gears? :chevy: 562 H.P.



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