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The Phillies


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but this was probably the worst world series i have ever seen. sorry.


I am with you Alan ........ the game should have been called on the in the top of the 2nd to start it over .......


(fixed my F up's ..lil drunk last night lol )

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yes, phuk the phillies, i am a victorino fan! played ball with the guy my last year of baseball, his bat took us to the championship and helped us win it then also! there were so many LA fans on maui, but when they found out that victorino was playing against the dodgers they coverted! congrats to victorino, phuk the phillies and phuk the braves for not doing crap in the last decade but let their fans down year after year!


btw, if the eagles got rid of mcnabb and spent their money elsewhere, they might have a chance!

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Congrats to the phillies but man if the Rays would have won then it would of been a huge slap to all the high payed teams for sure! The Rays are like the second lowest paid baseball team and they made it to the WS!!

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