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For Sale Corsa Sport Cat Back!


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im selling a corsa cat back system that i bought a few months ago. i have all the paper work too. im trading my truck in on a new car and i would like to sell it. i paid $1000 from stylin trucks and i will be willing to take $500 + shipping. or just come pick it up. im taking it off my truck soon. im located in near lansing michigan 48842.


email [email protected] for questions.







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500 is a steal, i would already be on this but have other money going to other things (excise, registration, insurance, newer tires)....once things are paid off i will pm you detjoe, i want that exhaust sooooo badddd.

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Use Lansin MI for a zip and use the UPS calculator. or the USPS.gov calculator.


I am guessing it will be about $50.

(and I think my corsa sport will be up for sale too) :cheers:

why dont you just even swap me for my touring muffler? :D



this is a deal someone even tho i think he meant $500 PLUS shipping. someone needs to buy this and trade me for my sport muffler lol :cheers:

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