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L76 Intake Vs L92 Intake

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IMO its not worth the hassel of changing it over. If I were to build one from scratch maybe but I hate buying stuff to replace working stuff (water pump...)


on a 6.0L the power (surposedly) falls off in the upper RPm's so using an intake that pushes the RPM's up might not be a good thing.

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The L76/L92 truck intake flow's damn near as well as the L76/LS3 truck intake and in my opinion isn't worth the swap unless you are really twisting it and are N/A. It didn't show to be much restriction at all on Ray's 7.0L when he dyno'd N/A at 588hp.

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very satisfied with my l92 truck intake!! I spin up to 6800 rpms without problems pretty much levels out right there!!


damn zippy that 7.0 is some seriuos chit!!! 588 is that rwhp NA?



No, he did that on an actual engine dyno. The tuning was rather soft on it also just for break in. There was easily another 50 or so to gain in more programing. Probably would have pulled well over 500 to the tires though.

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