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15" Rotors W/ Zo6 Calipers


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1st off I need the thank supersub (Ray) for making this happen. Thank You :cheers:


So I put the 15" rotors that I got from Ray on today and what a difference over the 14"powerslots. There is a bit of work involve in doing this upgrade, but well worth it. I only did the front rotors for now, but don't really think the backs need the 15's.


PS. My 14" powerslots (front rotors only) will be up 4 sale, so if you want them PM me and make an offer.


Edit: These 15" rotor use the entire brake pad.




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Sweet, Ray sent out mine monday. Hopefully all my parts show up by the weekend.


Any tips on the install?


Not to say that you will need anything different than what Ray suggested, but when I picked up the 14mm flat-washers, I got 8 instead of the 4 needed. That worked to my benefit, as I didn't realize that half of them were 1/16" thick, while the other half was an 1/8" thick. This allowed me to fine tune getting the calipers centered over the rotors. One caliper needed spaced a little more than the other on mine. I also used Stainless flat-washers to prevent corrosion.

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Hey guy's glad to see everything coming together.I have noticed that some kits requires a little more attention than others on proper spacing.Please pay attention to the caliper centering,I dont want any one cutting up their rotor like the fellow over on gm full size.If you have any questions dont hesitate to pm me.

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