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Dodge Wants To Be Chevy


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Was with some workers today and driving in Leominster,MA and saw a Dodge truck pull out behind us with SS emblems in the grille. This was no "street scene" grille. This was a legitimate Dodge Ram truck with SS emblems. I still am in shock......Mike ever seen this truck before it was burgundy red? this is no intended bash on dodge but wats going on here :wtf: ?

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What year, cuz I used to drive a 97 Ram, 94-01 are my Dodge years, I know alot bout them, and YES they did make one, the tailgate would have SS/T on the back, and dodge called them Super Sport Rams


Stupid yes, but they did as shown


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Exactly, it had and amazing 15 extra hp over the factory 360 (245hp) and "Custom Exhaust", you could only get them in a '94-'97 year truck, they dropped it due to lack of sales in '98.


This thing was a joke... kinda cool in it day but come on...

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