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Ft: 22" Chrome Kmc Klyde W/ Nitto 305-40 Need Replacement 17s+ In


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Have some 22" KMY Clydes for sale with Nitto 420S in the 305-40-22 variety. Getting rid of the truck next week and would hate to see those go with it to the dealer. Wheels are in pretty much perfect condition, no scrapes on rash of any kind and they have been regularly polished. About two years old. Tires have a ton of wear left, used about 35 - 40% of useable tread. ONE of the fronts has some extended inner wear due to an alignment issue but other than that they are copasetic.


I'm looking for $800 OBO plus I'll need a set, any set, of 17" or larger wheels with tires in trade. OEM, aftermarket, I don't care. They have to be 17" or larger though due to the big brakes on my '06. Due to the fact this is a swap, this will have to be local pickup. Come over and we'll swap them one for one. Or if you have a loose set of wheels I'll take mine off and put the replacements on.


Swap has to be done by this weekend, or probably Monday at the latest. I'm in Frederick MD. Any takers?







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still wish there was a way i could get that hood. hate how ya gotta get rid of your ride, it looks pretty sick


Believe me, I hate to get rid of it in the worst way. Don't really have a choice though at the moment. Hood is spoken for. Grill will be for sale without trade soon. Guy who is buying the hood is going to give me his '04 grill straight up as part of the deal with no trade.


Price on wheels lowered to $800 obo plus trade

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