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Man This Guys Is A Fast Shot


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im watching the video and im like geez this guy reminds me of michael flatly (lord of the dance, river dance) lol holy crap what an ego. then he shot......and i shut my mouth. holy crap not even the high speed camera could slow that down enough to see it. amazing!

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What amazes me even more is he was saying how in the real wildwest, there never were any real quick draw contests, they were all either firefights or shooting someone in the back. Oh and that video was shot in the ate 80's I believe...not 100% positive though.

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cowboy action shooting loads, as the sport is called now, are black powder. you'll notice that he says "now I am firing blanks". it is actaully the powder charge bursting the balloons. still, very very impressive rate of fire. He can also do some impressive shooting with live ammo. Card spliting, shooting coins out of the air, that sort of thing.

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