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Does the water pump for the intercooler need to run all the time or just when running boost?

I am using a Magnacharger on GMC C3


Ok before we continue welcome to the site. Now how about a break down of what you have like engine, blower, tuning software, Gauges, fuel system, any work done to the engine, so on and so forth. From what it sounds like you have a GMC C3 with a LQ9 swap and a maggie?

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Yes... 2001 C3 with Magnacharger, with intercooler & the software that came with charger assembly. Transmission has been upgraded & 2500 RPM stall convertor. Has 133K miles but has been maintained well & most miles are highway 50 miles at a time.

has autometer vacum/boost gage that is reading only vacum now, I think due to a crack in rubber boot on rear of charger where boost line is attached. Also has Autometer air/fuel ratio meter, a sport-comp model, I have about determined is narrow band meter. It always shows lean, no matter the RPM or load etc.

I just bought this pickup and previous owner said that this meter had always read this way. The spark plugs do not indicate that motor is running lean.

I am trying to learn all I can about this setup.. The charger was rebuilt about 6 months ago.

I am a service manager for a John Deere dealer & have messed with old cars most of my life but I am very ignorant of many of these newer boost & electronics etc..

Thanks for the welcome & your efforts to enlighten me..

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Never heard that one. The intercooler pumping will help cool the intake manifold, and to a lesser degree, the supercharger itself. But the absence of this cooling seems unlikely to cause any excess heat problem to the supercharger. I so seem to recall the supercharger could do with some maintainace at 100K, so perhaps it was just time for it.

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