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Stereo Is Acting Up

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Yesterday, I replaced the alternator. After I finished, I started the truck, when I looked at the stereo, it had the CD symbol flashing on the upper left corner of the display. Before I replaced the alternator I had 5 cds in the stereo, now it show that there aren't any in it. When I press the "load" button, nothing happens. When I press "eject" it says "NO DISC". WTF!!!?

Anybody know what's wrong? or How to fix it?

FYI, The stereo is stock.

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I had something similar with my stereo when I originally purchased the truck. When I drove it home for the first time, their was a cd jammed in the player and it would not eject or play. Called up the dealership and they got a new stereo head unit the next week.


Strange thing that we have in common with this issue is that there was only 1 cd in my 6 disc player, and it read that there was 6 discs. Got my stereo replaced and never had an issue since. Dealership told me the cd was jammed and thats what caused the problem.

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ive seen topics like this before where other members have had to send there stereos in and they get there cd's back but all scratched to hell and non useable. your best bet would probably to find another factory 6 disc and have installed and just replace your cd's. If you had asked they probably would have told you to take out your cd's before you did that. Sorry

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