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Wtt/flawless Like New Black 20"s For Ss 20"s & Cash

Les Hall

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I traded in my stock SS wheels on these RT-S 20x8.5 black with polished lip,These wheels are flawless, The black on black is sharp,but I'm having a change of heart, I'm wishing I had just put new rubber on my stock SS rims, I'm in Southeast Missouri So if anyone in my area (East Prairie,Mo) is interested in swapping I'd take $300 plus stock SS 20"s

I wanna keep my new rubber so we'd have to split the cost of having the tires switched around,,,unless you have some newer low-profile tires on your wheels,,,Silver or Chrome will work.


Update: Sold/Traded with another member .

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things like this come up when i don't have extra cash on me these rims are sick! would trade you in a heart beat if i could. oh and my rims are not chrome or painted i had them stripped and polished. wish now i would of saved the money and bought these!

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i have the same wheels on my ss, love them.



Trade you chrome eagle alloys with 285/50's off my yukon




Eagle 026's right, I had those on my last truck, sweet wheels but I really want to go back with SS wheels, wish I hadn't traded mine in now, they only gave me $400 trade in and I let them go with like new ruber,,,hey but thanks for the offer just the same.

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