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I've actually been on here for a few months now, but I thought I would get to know my truck a little first. I have already learned alot from all you guys. I have an 03 SS with a stock rebuilt motor plus arp bolts holding it together(40k on truck). That's what happens when you get to much boost and it is not tuned right. I have an Sts turbo kit on it. I recently just got HpTuners and I am trying to figure all of that out. Thanks again guys, for all your help so far.

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welcome. just give charlie wheatly a call he will hook you up with a tune



I think I am going to give zippy a chance to do my tune. He did another Alaskans tune just down the road from me and he loves it. It is like -51 outside my house this morning. I'm scared to even drive my truck.

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