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Look What I Saw In The Parking Lot Of The Mall Today...

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not bad, but i bet this guy has got him beat.. :eek:



now THATs A HORN.. :lol:





holy balls!!

where can I get such a horn.. from a tug boat? or barge..maybe a cruise ship??


I was going to post my pictures over on GMfullize.. but 1. It wont allow me to post photos, and 2. Its probably a member on there...

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thats crazy... we installed quite a few of the tripple chrome horns, they alone are like $600-700 and just stupid loud. i cant imagine actually getting honked at by that :lol:

Threadjack - can you get me a Hummer horns? I heard one either on a H1 or maybe a H2 and it sounded pretty sweet...


Mr. P. :)

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