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Member 2bfast Stealing!


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i was browsing around and found this and i thought it was dave that started a new name but no!!! and i seen that one member caught on what is this guy thinking i dont think dave would like this!! :confused::shakehead: and i copied what midnightrider said. and a pic of his avatar


av-15596.jpg<H3 style="FONT-SIZE: 20px">2bfast</H3>Member pip.gif



:withstupid: yeah polish it hey 2bfast i like your avatar :lol:




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Did he ever say he was dave. If not i wouldnt mind. I had daves truck as my back ground for a long time. I would take it as a compliment if somebody had a picture of my truck. As long as he not claiming it to be his trcuk it should be fine. IMO. Plus im pretty sure everybody knows whos truck it is.

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