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2004 Silverado Ss F/s / Feeler


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alright this is deff for sale now. i want a 2500 duramax so this has to go now


2004 Silverado SS


every option but moonroof

paint is in excellent shape

Gaylord rear bed cover (hard top with the little spoiler in it)

stock silver 20's with 80% pirelli's for the winter,

OEM chrome 20's with 65% good years on them

truck has only seen winter for about 3 months total ever since new

has just under 40k miles

15% tint all the way around

has a 10 inch kicker solobaric L7 10 in a custom box under the seat with alpine 650 watt amp going through the bose systen which im unsure if i will leave in there or not

has a line X spray in bed liner


i bought it from the original owner who bought an escalade 3 yrs ago so just store this and never drove it so i apporached him wanting the truck and he thougth about it and came back with a price and i bought it. truck hasnt been beat on and only maybe towed something 10 times total with the weigh being less then 3000lbs1

i was thinking somewhere around 21k OBO but its not like i have to get rid of it so please dont low ball me


and here is a few pictures.. sorry i only have a few with the silver wheels and not the chrome wheels on.. and yes the silver ones have center caps now just hadnt got them in time when i took these pics




and this is a picture of what it would look with with the chrome 20's



thanks for looking and any questions send me a pm or ask on here



edit changed from a feeler to a F/S

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