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Thought I Had A Stroke Today


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I got up today and the left side of my face was numb...I can't close my left eye all the way and shit like that...did a CT scan and luckily not a stroke but I have been diagnose with bellspalsy..Bascially paralysis of one side of your face..It not usually permanent but it will cause the effected side to sag really bad and mine has already started.hence why i cant completely close my left eye..here is some info...I'll live but i guess i'll be a little funnier looking for a while



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Thank god it wasn't a stroke. My neice had a case of bellspalsy, this is when she was 9 years old. We were camping and the side of her face started to sag, it was feaky as hell. Since then, she hasn't had any problems since then. Hopefully you won't either.

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Same thing happened to a friend of mine, the whole side of his face drooped down and his eye wouldnt close either. But a few weeks later he was fine and the side effects where gone. Good luck and I hope everything turns out for you man.

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damn brad, this wouldn't be linked to your history would it? hope it all works out. keep us posted buddy.


Not linked to any history that I know of...I guess its just one of those things..apparantly its more common than I realize but i have not known anyone with it....Its just wierd...I can wiggle only half of my nose and boobs only make me half smile..lol


Damn Brad, I thought I had a rough day today, wow! Hang in there, get well soon, and drop a line if you need anything. :cheers:


Thank ya sir :pepsicheer:

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