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Truck's New Home And Occupant


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Hopefully the title didn't make ya'll think I sold her. I could never. This is a little overdue, but the SS has a new home in Brentwood, CA. My wife and I got it for $285,000. It's sitting on a 6,040 square foot lot and the house is 1700 square feet. It has four bedrooms and a loft and two and a half baths. Our two huskies love the large backyard. The new occupant is pictured below. That is our daughter Myella Lisette born 12/27/08. Everything seems to be coming together for us, although, I have been reduced to having to drive the hot rod Yaris to work since my commute is 140 miles a day now..lol. Hopefully soon I will be able to find myself a less girly commuter. I'm trying to look on the bright side and see that I am prolonging the life of the SS by driving it less. Hopefully my savings in gas will help me save up quicker for a supercharger.





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Thanks everybody! Yeah my commute is 140 miles roundtrip. We couldn't afford any of the homes in the Bay Area that didn't need a ton of work. I hope to find a job out this way because I have been real tired as of late with the lack of sleep the little bundle of joy brings. It is all worth it though.

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congrats neighbor. thats a hell of a deal for $289k I leve near Miracle Mile.
I'm not too familiar with this area. How far is that from where I stay? I have seen about 10 SSs out here, but never got the chance to talk to the guys to see if they were on this site. Let me know if you get together with anybody and I'll be there. Edited by BaYcHeVySS (see edit history)
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