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Ricer For Dinner


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so im setting at a red light and this guy pulls up in one of those awd v6 spiders and wants to race he stars reving it up and pointing at me so when the light turned green i guned it and burnt his a$$ all the way to the next red light he started yelling he wasnt ready so he follows me to the highway and we take a 20 mph role he beeps the horn 3 time and and i gun it once more i burnt him all the way 2 100mph before i let off i finally came to a red light and he wouldnt even look at me it was kinda funny he thought he was going to pick on a truck :crackup::crackup::crackup:

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Ha ha nice kill I love killing ricers. Most of the time they think that when they slap on an intake and a fart can thay have a race car and they can beat everyone, its kinda pathetic if you ask me. On the other hand i raced a couple at the track and they smoked me, but those cars are called Tuners not ricers :D

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