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With Much Trepidation


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As some of you know, I work for Verizon. Rumors have been abound that my region was going to split our garages into FiOS only and Copper only. Unfortunately, I'm on the copper side and they let us know last week that we are on the move. Today was my last day in my garage and tomorrow I go to the beautiful city of Lynn, Massachusetts. Some of you know the area, most don't. Our garage is in a great spot.


Last Friday, three cars parked in the new lot that they got for the 60 plus of us moving down there. All three cars were broken into. Now you know my trepidation. Apparently, the locals even break into the Verizon trucks after hours. Rumor has it that one of the cars last week was a manager's personal car so there is a chance there will be security. I do have an alarm, but still, if no one is around to hear it, what's the point. I do have an appt. to ad a few features to it, but I'm more worried that they won't just smash and grab, but I will get back it it will be gone. Right now it's dirty as hell from the weather so it might stay that way for the time being.


I'M F'N PSYCHED!!!!!!!!!!

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Good luck with the relocation.

I know this might sound stupid and I wouldnt want to do it, but maybe debadge the truck of its SS emblems and then the pathetic robbers might not realize its an SS(except the headrests). I know the cladding gives it away also...........just some food for thought.

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trust me, there's no need for congrats. I'm not happy about this.


Holy Crap Keith ... That royally sucks ....


Lynn ... Lowell ... Lawerence ... they are all about the same calibur ...


Time to carpool ... and rent on the days you have to drive ...

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Get a beater; I resisted this a long time, but now that I have the Beagle (Buick Regal) I'm very happy I did so; only $3000 to buy it, half the operating cost, and if it gets door-dinged I won't totally fly off the handle. And the truck can stay locked in the garage.


Mr. P.

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