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145 Amp Alternator


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Yup, plug and play. There was a change at some point where GM changed the electrical plug on the alternator (!) but as long as the plug fits the only other issue that is a possible concern is the change in belt length (we found a TBSS belt fit ok). But physically the alternator case mounts are the same, they bolt into the existing power steering bracket with your existing hardware. A very worthwhile upgrade.


Mr. P. :)

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is ther anything biggger than 145?

GM Parts Direct lists a 160 amp alternator for our trucks, and some have also upgraded to 200 amp. Both of those probably would need other upgrades to support them, such as what Krambo told me... "fusing the main power lead off the back of it since the stock fuseable link may melt under heavy demand". I'm not enough of an electrical whiz to elaborate on that or other requirements of a larger alternator than a 145 amp.

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The newer alt have different plugs than my 03. I heard you could get a adapter plug but have not seen it or heard where to get it from.


I have a 145 sitting on the shelf b/c of this

Damn... I hope the one I ordered has the right plug.

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