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Anyone Want To Road Course Your Truck?

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Ok here goes:

A local car club has road course events.

the running joke is: can trucks run?


we get denied. but we always ask.

so this year the guys have told us if we can get a group of 12-14 we can have our own class.


This might be an event of Z5 if people show their interest.


they are going back and forth about going to the best course near us AND good for beginners.


This is casual, the rule is you cant drive faster than your ability.


let me know if you are interested and I'll gget dates.


happy driving


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they might change to locationj to a better beginner track...Gratten (I could be worng)


Looks like a few of the locals will bring their TBSS and Turd out so if we get 6 people interested it looks like it will work.



Guy you dont have to push it that hard...you go your speed and wave people around.


Stewart- We need your truck looking all badass going around the track.

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This is something that I would love to do. Too bad I'm so far away. :nonod:


same here!!! would LOVE to but its kinda far!! And to answer your question Hell Ya Trucks can run!!

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