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Design My New Paint Job !

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Hello all,


Since I'm photoshop and related programs retarded.. I though I would ask your assistance.


I'm looking to do a pretty wild paint job this summer on the SS. ( maybe basic ? not sure )


I saw a photoshop picture on here about 6 months ago that was black on the bottom.. had some crazy silver graphics then red on top. Looked awesome, however I can no longer locate this picture.


can someone throw up some designs ? I would really appreciate it.


I have a red 03 SS black Rims.. I'm sure you guys can find tons of pictures of a Red ss to use.. not sure of the angle you want.


I'm looking to use the stock red on top to save a little on costs ( plus door jams etc )


I'm thinking of using black/white/silver/gray.. along those lines.


Hack away at it guys, can't wait to see what you come up with !



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im a huge fan of red, but if ur doing a two tone for some reason ive always been in love with orange. i really like when people do black on top orange on bottom, or orange on top white on bottom, i think both of those combos look AWESOME. Just remember though, any good respectable painter will tell you, that the general rule of thumb with 2 tone is the darker color usually goes on top, its more appealing to the eyes. so if you are infact gonna keep red on top, traditionally speaking you're gonna want something lighter ie white, silver, yellow, etc. or vice versa if you want red on the bottom. heres some pics i have of some cool two tones, hopefully they can help u out.
















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Your the man.. thats the exact photo I was looking for.


Goin to be doing the red/silver/black, or very similar.


Thanks for the help :cheers:


No problem! I figured thats exactly what you were talking about and knew where to look to get it as I remember the post to. Ha, good luck; I was thinking two tone for the truck to, but who knows. I was thinking the basis of Pearl white on the bottom (caddy color) and leaving the top victory red. Something like that.

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Thanks for all the pics leftcoast !


I really do like the "copper head orange" color too.. With some silver I think that would look awesome.


also considering like a metallic-laser blue/silver/white


Only thing is if I stray away from red.. I'm going to have to remove all the skirting, remove the box.. doors.. hood.. glass.. etc etc..


Be a huge project, but I'm sure it will be worth it in the end. Really wish I knew how to use photo shop lol.

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