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Got My Stolen Truck Back.


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Sooo, for all that dont know my truck was stolen a couple months ago in Las Vegas and my wheels and system were stolen along with the bed being scratched from the thieves trying to pry open my snug-lid.

Got some new Boss 313's and they powder coated the lip red like my old wheels, got a few panels re-painted as well.

Got her back this week and took a pic at the mall. . .



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So......how do you feel about this.....if it was me...idk....i think i would feel as though my ol'lady cheated on me and wanted to come back...how are you with this?????


Thats exactly how i feel but i had to let her back in my life. LOL.


Yah, I definitely love these rims better than my old ones.


I'll post more pics soon


Im actually in Las Vegas now Brad but I was stationed at Hurlburt FLD in FL close to the Pensacola area

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wow those hafta be the dumbest thieves in the country! its good for you but damn how stupid can a person get by not taking the other good stuff!


glad you got it back and no other probs! so u buying a alarm system!

About all I can say about alarms is hopefully if it goes off it will scare the dirtbags off because around here NOBODY calls the police for car alarms going off.

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yah, the theft rate is ridiculously high in Vegas. My insurance would've went up $110 per month if I would've switched from FL to Nevada insurance.

A buddy of mine works for the police department here in Vegas and says between 15-20 cars per month are stolen from casino parking garages (where my truck was stolen from)


My bro photoshopped the pic for me. . .



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