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Hey im looking to buy a superchip for my truck and want to know what goes into using it? Im not a wrench head like most of the guys on here so refrain from smart ass comments plz. I just need to know if they have like presets, u plug it in and hit "enter" and there it is or what. Thanks for ur help.

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You'll spend the same amount of money getting a custom tuned PCM through Wheatley, BlackBear etc..


and you'll see 3x the performance and gains. Plus you can additionally modify it in the future however you wish.

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I agree with everyone else here, a custom tune is the way to go.....but if you are curious how a handheld works, it is very simple. The programmers ask a series of general questions that have multiple choice answers, in which you will need to have some knowledge of your vehicle specifics like tire diameter and axle ratio. Once you have made your final choices, it will take a few minutes and write your computer. All handhelds come with an instruction book that explain how they are set up.

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