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Kitchen Counter Tops


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I've been in the process of a very slow 2 year remodel with my house..


I've finally made it to the kitchen.. new flooring, base boards, trim, paint, sliding doors, applicances etc etc..


Now I'm left with counter tops that are only 7 years old, but are extrememly faded. They hardly have any sheen to them at all. Huge eye sore and the wife won't STFU about them, I haven't had any sleep in a week :happysad:


I've tried hand polishing with several compounds including a couple really spendy brands off the net


Some work, but only last for a couple days...


has anyone ever polished theirs before ? or know how ? I'd really like to get these babies shinning really good.


New counter tops are out of my budget at the moment, I really want to try save these


oh, they're laminate



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Check around your car windshield repair guys and see if any of them do Diamond Fusion. It will polish and seal your countertops and and you will never have to seal them again.


hmm.. I never would of thought. I'll make some phone calls tomorrow. "diamond Fusion" does sound like it comes with a price tag though :lol:

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Laminate tops are pretty hard to bring back to normal once they fade off. WHat color are they? With the darker colors we saw a lot of counter tops drastically change tones if they weren't well kept up on. You might just have to deal with it for now, or if your really good with measuring and cutting, you can normally find slabs of different material countertops and do the work yourself (courian, granite, etc). You may even be able to find someone local who will do the measurements and cut the counters down to proper size and you would just have to install them. Might cost you around $1000 for something nice if you do most of the work.

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They're a really dark brown color.. so its really noticable.


I've done a lot of reading on the net.. some people have actually sanded, then applied a clear coat, and polished. They claim it's very durable and you can't beat the shine..


but it sounds like "Jerry riggin'" for sure..


Not sure what to do yet free-confused-smileys-110.gif

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These are laminated tops? If so the only answer might be to replace them, I would even bet that when it's all said and done it won't be all that much more than the cost of materials to "refinish" the laminated tops. Laminated tops are many sheets of kraft paper sandwiched & glued together with resin (like plywood, but thinner); to my knowledge there is no 'refinishing' them.


Mr. P. :)


...and the wife won't STFU about them, I haven't had any sleep in a week :happysad: ...

LOL You're a better spouse than I am - first words out of my mouth would have been "well git yer azz in there and clean 'em up!" :jester:

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