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I'm Outta Here....

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I'll be off the site for a few days. I'm leaving this TX heat behind me and heading to the Northern mountains of New Mexico. :driving:


This will be the longest treck for my little 16 month old girl too- Her 1st true vacation. What is interesting is she was "consimated" on 7-7-7, and we are leaving here on 7-5-9. Me and the wifey have been talking about #2, so you never know what might be happening on 7-7-9. HAHAHA!!! :thumbs:




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OK maybe too much into LOL :jester:


Very cool man, glad to hear you can take the wife with you on a vacation and have a good time with each other; with a lot of couples taking the spouse on a vacation/roadtrip leads to divorce :D


Mr. P. :)


ps - Post Pics! (of NM I mean lol)

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i hear ya man, i have been busting my ass for the last month @ work, working 12-17 hour days and yesterday day was my first day off


my fiancee left the wonderful Vegas heat behind and are enjoying the cool ocean breeze in San Diego until Tuesday

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Thanks for the well wishes guys. I had a peacefull relaxing time. My little girl did pretty well for such a long haul too. It was sooo nice and coool there!! I'm dying back here in TX from the heat!!! :rolleyes:


I'll get sum pics as soon as possible. I'm having a crazy Monday back at work, it looks like a hand grenade went off in my office (while I was on vac). :mad:

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