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Summer Dd


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I missed the dyna pretty bad.. So I quick went out and found this guy. Looks like a soft tail, but 1/2 the price ... Suzuki 800


So far I've added bigger jets, K&Ns, rear sprocket, cobra pipes and forward controls. Tuned by powersports


It'll be painted, new seat, different mirrors, tires, tach, and have different rims on in about 2 weeks.. I'll throw some pics up when thats done. I'm also looking for another set of forward controls that are polished and forward more.. maybe jardines..


I'm really interested in maybe spraying it.. if anyone has some ideas feel free to chim in.. I'm thinkin a 30-40 shot ??


anyways, here's a few quick pics


any other suggestions.. let em roll !







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thought it would be a sportsbike but nice :)



I'm 6'3" and 230 lbs.. Crotch rockets and me don't mix. I had a F4600 and hated it.. Could only ride 20 miles before my knees, back, and wrists hurt like hell


I'm more of a cruiser type of guy..

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I like that alot. If you don't mind me asking how much did that run you?



I got it for $3,500, and I've got about $1,800 into it so far.


it had 2,105 miles on it when I bought it... dam near brand-new

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dont spray it. add a turbo. im serious



know of any kits that would work ? I found a complete NOS kit with fuel pump and everything for $400.. its a 35-55 HP gain


Turbo would be fun.. but a pain to tune Duel carbs..

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