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Thought I'd Seen It All


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Just went to Wendys for lunch. When I walked in the 2 people in line in front of me were--an Asian man about 5' tall, maybe 90lbs. and this other person who was probably 6' 8" and 300-325lbs. wearing white thong sandals with pink jewels in them, a pair of hot pink shorts, a white halter top with a pink bra on underneath, pink fingernails and toenails, a silver purse with pink rhinestone initials and bleached blonde hair tied in a bun with a huge white frilly hair tie. When this person turned around it was a man!! :eek: (I think) Guy had this really deep basso voice to top it off and looked like he hadn't shaved in 2-3 days. Turns out the 2 were together. I didn't know whether to laugh or puke. Wish I had a camera with me, it was really weird. :crazy:


Oh yeah, he also had 3-4 pink studs in each ear. :shakehead:


Just thought I'd share. :D

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yup i have had the bad luck of running in to those kind of people, one time when i was working customer service i aproched this hot blonde that was looking at something in the lock cabinet, when 'it' turnd around it was a guy, i was like :freak: WTF!, huge adams apple, i almost :puke:


and another time when i was in tijuana, at about two am, me and my dad were eating when this coulpe walk'd in, turns out it was two guys, one had a wig and a black dress, and the other was waisted, i bet you he got a big surprise later on :crackup::cry:

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Sounds like you checked her......I mean him out pretty good :jester: LOL!


:crackup: Kind of like a bad accident. Hard not to slow down and stare even though it's gross.



Thanks for not posting pics.


You're welcome. Now if I could just erase the image burned into my brain. :D

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