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Joe Gibb's 20's


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Anyone looking for a set of the Joe Gibbs 20”x8.5” wheels, I happen to have a set of 5 for sale. 4 of them have used Goodyear Eagle LS2's on them. No curb rash of any kind, but yes there is a scratch or two on some of the painted parts of the wheels. The 5th wheel has a brand new LS2 on it that has never touched the ground (spare). I also have 3 new in the box spare center caps. 2 of the wheels have been clearanced on the backside for the Z06 brakes I have on my truck. I'm looking to get $750 for the set, which is mainly due to the 2 wheels being modified.


Located south of Houston, local pick up only. .......SOLD!.........



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Sorry guy's I haven't been on the site in a couple of day's, they are still available, but I'm still tying to get out of having to ship them just yet. I'll give it a little while and if push comes to shove and it looks like that's the only way, I'll let everyone know.


Thanks for the interest.

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do you still have these for sale??? thanks!


Yes, the wheels and tires are still available. The old lady listed them on Craigs List yesterday, so maybe they will move. Hell, she was the one that wanted them gone in the 1st place, so she can handle the phone calls.........LOL

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