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Loud Exhaust! Damnnnnn


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so this past weekend i held an SPL event at my shop. we were winding down and i had some prizes to give away, so i got a hair up my ass to see who had the loudest exhaust there. we had an AudioControl SPL meter and we position the mic 3 inches from the end of the exhaust tip. each person had 30 seconds to see what they could hit on this mic. i think we prolly had 15-20 cars line up. some home made exhaust, some cat backs, some hodge podge BS. i told the spectators i wanted to run, but i wouldnt take the prize if i had the highest SPL.


well i was about 10th in line and Rich SS POSSE was in front of me with his exhaust. Rich hit i think a 156ish?? (rich??) the highest for the day to that point was 161 in a beat up old ass jeep cherokee. then I hit the Mic... BAMMM 167.9DB!! HOLY FUGG i almost chit myself!!!


thought i would share with you guys. my damn truck is loud as hell!!!

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