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Insomnia Sucks.


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agreed. p.t.s.d. doesnt help to mine either. some times i am so scared to go to sleep cause i know iam going to be back in iraq doing some jacked up stuff. it sucks bro i feal ya

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i take generic ambien...Ever since my accident I have not been able to sleep more than a couple of hours at a time. I finally got tired of being tired about 4 months ago and talked to my doctor. She perscribed several things but generic ambien seems to be the only one that works.


Side effects are ool though..lol Just ask Danny..lol


Every once in a while I get stoned off it...Literally ...One of the side effects id a drugged feeling...I started singing to danny on the phone a saw bunny rabbits everywhere..LMAO


Its funny as hell but the wife makes me go to bed and I don't remember anything about it the next day. I hear about from phone calls and the wife..lol

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