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Trailblazer Issues

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I know it's not SS related, but there are some smart peeps on here, so I thought I'd pick ur brains. here goes: my wife's truck is an 04 tb 4x4 lt, etc, etc


I've noticed that the gas mileage and acceleration has been shit lately, so I had the codes ran and here is what they came up as:


1. P0442 Evap system issue

possible causes, bad gas cap, evap canister or hose bad, purge or vent solenoid bad, or vaccum leak at engine


2.P0410 Secondary Air Injection System Fault

possible causes, circuit open or blown fuse, connnector loose, or air pump defective


And lastly, best the best one :jester:

Code P0606 ECM Internal error

possible causes, bad ecm


Now having said that, I can get the other codes, and therefore the shitty gas mileage, but if an ecm is bad, won't that cause the truck to go into safety mode and limit power? Doesn't it give you just enough to limp home? And the other codes are california emmisions related also, so that shouldn't affect anything by them being on, correct? If anyone can chime in as to these problems, mainly the ecm problem, It would be greatly appreciated.

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my moms envoy has the same problem with the 2nd air injection shit...its under the intake manifold that gave her shitty gas milage and did limit throttle a little but not as much as u said u saw...go on ebay and try to find a 2nd ecu..or call justin and see if he has one

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