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2/3 Check List


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Getting ready to pull the trigger and drop the VHO. Was thinking Belltech 2508 spindles and 5952 springs, but now considering rear hangers and shackles. Which rear hanger/shackle kit from Belltech, looking at 6515 3" kit. Is this the correct one? Looking for input.

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if you wanna go the cheap/easy route go hangers.. You'll get axle hop though if you get up in the HP..



IMO rear leafs are the correct way to lower the rear.. -3 belltechs here and I love them.

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I have the shackel and spindle kit. Not as low as i wanted and got a weird shimmy @ 70 + while accelerating. I even used 2 degree wedges. I think i am switching to the leafs.



If you only did 2" shackles in the rear you are not supposed to use any shimss

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I had this same question, and after reading through 56 pages on lowering I was more confused than ever. I had asked YTTAF (who's truck looks perfect to me) about what he used and he was nice enough to repond to me. This is the list he gave me.


Belltech 2/3 drop, spindles/leafs.

Front spindle P/N 2508 (sold in pairs)

Rear leaf P/N 5952 (buy 2)

Rear sway bar i'd go with the Addco #631, & use energy suspension endlinks #9.8124R and bushings #9.5161R for rear bar.

Stock front bar w/ Energy Suspension endlinks #9.8121R and bushings #9.5172R.


I had asked about the rear sway bar and Energy Suspension end links and bushings, that's why they are included.


Hope this helps someone else.



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