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Took Me Long Enough

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got the lowering kit i bought off of ryan (rms4545) installed finally, mcgaughys 2/4 drop (pn11004). spindles in front, with an extra inch on torsions, and shackles/hangers on the rear. finished her off with belltech street performance drop shocks on all four corners. i'm very happy with the results, and also the ease of purchase from ryan. thanks to everyone who answered all of my questions and put up with my calls. :cheers:


edit: just realized how crappy these pics are, i took them at 9:30 when it was pretty much dark, im gonna give her a bath tomorrow, i will post up some better pics



edit x2: better pics, finally got a day off











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its a she, her name is big red, or "biggie" as the 8 year old has deemed her.


and thanks, your truck is one of the reasons i keep modding mine, i have the same exhaust you do, ans a bser rollpan sitting in the garage. also a proud member of the over 100k mile club....

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