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2Bfast'S Build


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Time to post plans and progress for Stage IV of this build. Stage III consisted of a billet TCS 3400, bigger 44# injectors, and custom nitrous system. Along with a few cosmetic mods along the way (Gaylord tonneu, BSER roll pan, all LED converted lighting, custom painted ignition coils and engine cover, and numorous polished engine parts)




Stage IV will be consisting of:



Fully built 4L60E transmission (details below)

Five - O injectors 70# re-tooled & flow matched

Comp LS factory rocker arm trunnion upgrade kit

PAC premium nitrated valve springs - .650 lift

Converting factory returnless fuel sytem to return

Custom stand alone fuel system for nitrous

Walbro 255 fuel pump in stand alone fuel cell

Swapping cams to a Comp custom grind cam - 228,236 / ,588,601 @ 115

Pinned crank shaft

D1SC Procharger polished finish

Reichard Racing 3.9" Racing Pulley

Tial Q series blow off valve w/ supercharger spring - polished finish

Vibrant intercooler - polished finish

Custom charge air piping

HPM Torrent E-Fan kit

Corsa Sport Exhaust - ceramic coated

American Racing Headers 1 7/8" primary, 3" collector w/ 3" mid piping - ceramic coated

Eaton True-Trac Rear end



Polished fan shroud

Polished engine timing cover

Polished stand alone fuel tank

Painted and cleared engine bay (fenders, firewall, and small parts)



Here are some progress pics and details of the transmission. Myself and Danny (retired99) built the trans with the watchfull eye of his father Jerry back in August 2010. This was an awesome experience along with the knowledge these guys shared.


Parts for transmission build:


Corvette intermediate servo

Sonnax billet overdrive servo

Double cage 29 element forward sprag

Low/Reverse spring roller

Alto red low/reverse clutches and Koleen steels

Alto carbon oversized 2/4 power band w/ reinforced anchor

New input drum/housing

Rebestos blue 3/4 clutches and Koleen steels

Rebestos blue overrun clutches and Koleen steels

Beast reaction shell

New reaction sun gear

GM rear 5 planetary gear set

Rear carrier ring gear

Thrust bearing kit

New upgraded babbot pump bushing

New case bushing

New extra wide sun gear bushing

Sonnax boost valve

Billet forward accumulator

Billet 1-2 accumulator

EPC Solenoid

Superier valve body shift correction kit

4L65-E overhaul kit(gaskets,seals, ect)

Updated valve body seperator plate

Billet 300m output shaft

Billet 300m input shaft

Billet input drum sleeve & piston

RPM high-rev spring kit

Modified case









Pulling the guts out. This was a core transmission I bought that had a low/reverse failure. L/R clutches/steels were toast, along with the rear carrier, ring gear, and sun gear. Oh and 3/4 pack was toast as well, but thats normal.








L/R Clutches/Steels



Every planet on the rear carrier has teeth chipped off.



Pile o goodies




Blue overruns



Blue plate special 3/4 pack



Alto carbon extra wide band compared to the OEM



Here you can see how rigid the collar is on the beast reaction shell




Assembly. Here is the 300m billet input shaft pressed in the input drum




300m billet output shaft





Finished ready to install.



stay tuned......

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good luck with the build, can't wait to see what kind of power numbers it puts down, or better yet what et's. Do you have plans for the heads, or have heads already? Plate kit or direct port? Intake plans?

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good luck with the build, can't wait to see what kind of power numbers it puts down, or better yet what et's. Do you have plans for the heads, or have heads already? Plate kit or direct port? Intake plans?



Thanks Brad. Im looking to have this wrapped up and have it tuned enough to make some passes Memorial weekend 2011 at the SS Nats. As for the heads, I will be running stock long block except for the cam which ill be swapping out for a more blower friendly one from the one I have in it. The intake, I am also keeping the stock truck intake as my plate system is already built around it as in the wiring, solenoid bracket, hard nitrous/fuel lines, ect. At this point im willing to sacrifice using the stock intake to keep that setup. Which leads to one of the few reasons why im going Procharger. There is a lot of time and effort into the nitrous setup and the Procharger kit will bolt on without modifying any of it.

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Good luck on the build. Too bad you didnt get to run your truck at its full potential with its current mods to get a base line for your future improvements.


Thanks Art. I agree, things got crazy this past summer with the move and new house so the truck pretty much got put on the back burner. But instead of sitting around all winter till next spring with this setup im gonna go ahead and move forward.

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