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Wife'S New Daily Driver


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We are both now driving American! :flag: Yesterday we traded in Jackie's Subaru Forester (good car) for a Charcoal Black Metallic GMC Terrain, V6, AWD, leather interior, chrome 19" wheels, and other assorted goodies. Have a look!


i know the feeling of having 2 american cars in the driveway .we also traded a subaru this year for a tahoe thou . you feel so patriotic when you do something like this, its weird you feel like you have done your part.. i try to apply this to all of my shopping like when i buy tools and house hold stuff i try to make sure its MADE in america although its not an eay task and some times it will cost twice as much as the china made one next to it but i feel better about it after i buy it patriot.gif . sorry for the long post nice car!!

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Hows the interior?


The interior is very nice. Plenty of room. One of the deciding factors was that the seats are much more comfortable than the Forester. The dash is very "busy" with so many switches, it will take some getting used to. Much quieter ride than the Subaru.


Are those projector fog lights?


Not sure. They are listed on the option sheet only as "Fog Lamps". They were very bright when I tested them.


Thanks for all the compliments!

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