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Gasket Question


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ok guys gave gm a call today and they said they dont have a cam swap gasket kit but they have everythign in stock prob to buy seperatley so i just need to know what all the gaskets are, i dont wanna miss anythign while im there



2557840 crank bolt $9.20

12585673 crank seal $29.05

12588372 x2 water pump gaskets $6.75 ea.

12633904 frt cvr gasket $52.40


this is what he sent me is there anything else.


part number for the red o ring to go in the oil pick up tube?


valve cover gaskets?


thanks alex.

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12612045 - Gen III/IV Valve Cover Gasket SOLD AS A SINGLE - Likely not needed


12584922 - GM Oil Pick-Up Tube O-Ring w/locator groove (2nd Design Red) * Thickness = 4.20mm (0.165") ID = 20.69mm (0.815")


For reference:

12499228 - LS Series Engine Cam Swap Installation Kit (Includes Front Engine Cover Gasket, Water Pump Gaskets, Intake Manifold Gaskets, Valve Cover Gaskets, Balancer Bolt and Front Seal)

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All LS engine oil pump pickup tube o-rings have been redone into ONE design, there is now one (red?) O-ring that works for all LS motors.


The front cover gasket and valve cover gaskets age very, very well in these motors and I've yet to see one that needed replacing, go ahead and get them but you will find that your originals are probably in like-new condition and reuseable and you can return the new ones for a refund. I have seen water pump gaskets f'd-up from a bad install (how you screw-up installing water pump gaskets I dunno, but it happened lol) but they should be reusable too unless the rubber has become hard/brittle. Replacing the front crank seal is always a good idea, remember to sand down the wear lip on the balancer if it is pronounced from lots of miles of use.


Mr. P. :)

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