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Lq4 Dyno #'S?


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Ok, I'm going to try to take my truck to a dyno in the next few weeks. Looking for some numbers these LQ4's put down stock? I have a 03 1500 HD and have a cold air, 05 e-fans, and a 93 Wheatley Tune, the 1500 HD's have a 3:73 in the14 bolt rearend and the 4L80 trans. Just looking for a benchmark. The truck feels really strong now and it become fun to drive! Too bad it weighs 6000+lbs!

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Went to the dyno(dynojet) today and ran it in third gear, I got 267hp and 286tq. Looking for some input? Again a LQ4 with cold air, 05 e-fans, and 93 Wheatley tune. I have the 4L80e trans with 3:73 gears(14 bolt) and 33" tires. I will post the graph in a little bit. What am i making at the crank?

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well at the crank im making maybe 315? due to at the crank it has 295



300hp and 360tq stock. I think im making more than 315 at the crank? I'm thinking the drive train on this truck is sucking up some good power, plus the 33" tires.

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