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was leaving for dinner tonight and in my rear view i saw the lights of what only could be a ups van . turned around to see and whaddaya know he is at my house dropping off a heavy package.




then i know its not going in anytime soon and i have seen a converter many times but i just had to see what will be put to such abuse in the future





huge thanks to chris at circle d he is without a doubt a great guy with a great business and a beautiful product , lets see how this one reacts behind my motor , this is the bigger 258 mm multi disc 4l80 bad boy , stalled to around 3k should brake to 2800 and along with the gears load these turbos and keep me in my power band while allowing some major trap speeds with my radials. i was out @ 130 with my 4.10's


he dropped this off on monday from a member for practically nothing and they look like they are new these are 3.73 oem ftw.




went out to put it in the bed and found the interior lookin like this ...................



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nice looks like you got your first. mine should be here tomorrow. what stall speed. chris is a great guy to work with. i went 32/34 stall. you doin the L.E.D swap on the interior parts?


oops sorry i just went back a read. so slow down grasshopper and read. Sorry :yellow_loser: :yellow_loser:

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your interior convinced me and its rainy for the next week hear so it will not be doing anything . also trying to sell some parts to fund the gear swap . so my as well get it done my last week off work where i have some free time.

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they are all dipped in simulated carbon fiber . id love to do the real thing but it really wouldnt help this pig lose any real weight. looks cool though . i have the alot of the accents done to contrast the black leather and silver suede. i also want to change my wideband setup to the a pillar just waiting for a deal.

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