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R.I.P Dale Earnhardt, Sr. "The Intimidator"


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Saw him race 20+ times going back to 1984 Daytona 500 (my first big race)

Went to Bristol and Pocono races that year he died.

The stands were emotional on lap 3 when all season long people would stand up for lap 3 and hold up 3 fingers. It was cool....

Dale was THE MAN eud0041_125.gif

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I had recieved my drivers license around that time and I remember filling my vehicle in my hometown. Walked into pay the gas and the 2 employees were glued to the tv, its something I will never forget. Never would have guessed I would be interested in a truck associated with a legend.


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Ya that was a sad day. I know first hand how Nascar accidents can tear a family apart. From the death itself to the drama with the will afterward. Shitty situation. It never effects you as much until you personally know someone killed in a Nascar accident.

RIP DALE SR and Donald Wayne Goodman

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RIP #3 I remember his last talledega race when he came from like 17th and won the race with 4 laps left, It also was my hooneymoon with the wife, also we were at the daytona 500 when he won, racing isn't the same without him.

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:angel: RIP I remember unfortunately watching that race that day and watching it happen :sigh:



5-star thread for sure.


I remember watching too. I remember thinking the hit looked so minor. Dale's just knocked out, I kept telling myself. :cry2:


I actually don't even watch the races that much anymore, it just dosen't feel the same. I tried watching Jr....


Very sad day in history indeed..... :shakehead:

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