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This Just Looks Awkward


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Found this poor truck on ebay and Im just a little confused on what look this guy was going for




He was going for I have the worst looking truck on ebay look. :yellow_loser:

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Honestly I think I just threw up a bit. The point on the two tone is nasty and shouldn't be there. The license plate moulded into the tail gare wouldn't be bad if he had put a smooth pan on so there wasn't another place for a license plate lol (stupid) with the money they put into it they could have made it way better lookin.

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I can't tell you how many old crown vics, raggity ass regal, and monte carlos have stupid slogans on the side in my town. You can see the rust bubbles, and dents under the paint from 50 yards away. They all have 26's now,with lift kits so they sit almost as high as the top of the SS. I love being behind them and seeing the car bouncing like a strippers ass while hitting a small pebble. I've seen every color Swisher cigars,skittles,Laffy Taffy,M&Ms,Oreo,Reese,Newport,UPS. Thats just to name a few off the top of my head.


It is like all the drug dealing "Gangsters" got together and said" Okay, lets flip a coin for which color skittles car you want to be." The last thing I would want on my car if I was a dealer is advertising the Cigars I roll my weed in. If I was a police officer I would profile them,no doubt about it. Angel_anim.gif

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