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Just Got The Call My Ss Interior Is Done!


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yaaa yaaa..i know i said i was selling it..but i cant help it i keep doing things its a sickness..haha anyways im pretty excited i just got the call tonight sayin my interior is done and its ready to be picked up..and quoted.." ITS SICK"..lol anddd i would have to agree its exaclty what i had pictured in my head...not sure what you guys are gonna think..but i think its tastefull and alil different.. anyways anuf ..heres the CRAPPPPY cell phone pics at night!!


never seen anyone else do this...we put SS in the headliner..and everything is done in carbonfiber






The airbag




seats front and rear







ive still got one more piece to have made around my second set of gauges below my radio ..but he was leavin for the autorama show in detroit..so i picked it up and will do it next week..hell the glue isnt even dry yet..haha

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looks real sick man !!!


why does the so cal overhead guage mount stick out ? or is it just not installed all the way ?


the airbag on the passenger is very nice i may have to copy that , just unsure if it would look good with the silver suede. i do wonder though that leather may not allow the airbag to work correctly.

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2 for 2 on the review...phew!! i was sweating it with you guys...haha



ive gotta tell ya..it was funny as hell watching us try to figure out which way to put the SS in..if you were lookin up over your shoulder it would should go this way..if your looking strait up it should go that way..next thing u know where holding the whole thing over are heads with SS's tape on..probly looking like retards..haha

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looks real sick man !!!


why does the so cal overhead guage mount stick out ? or is it just not installed all the way ?


the airbag on the passenger is very nice i may have to copy that , just unsure if it would look good with the silver suede. i do wonder though that leather may not allow the airbag to work correctly.



hmmmm as far as the socal pod..i honestly dont know i didnt even notice that..i havent seen it in the daylight even yet..im assuming they probly just didnt push it all the way back it..il check it in the morning tho now for sure


i was pretty suprized about the airbag..i didnt tell him to do it..i just showed up and it was done..he said if i didnt like it he would put it back the way it was but just thought it needed something in that area..which i totaly agree with .. i did think about it not working correctly...butttt as i always say ehhhh its on your side il be fine!!!!..lol jk....hmm chase after your wreck are u alil more cautious? haha dont u have an aftermarket steering wheel?

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yeah i do , and im modding my driver air bag lol . but it should in theory work better since the stock emblem is gone and the new one is so light weight it would just fly off.


imo , id just switch the dam bag off on the dash and youll be ok , the passenger not so much .


i am the same as i was before my accident . just wont get on a bike again . i did even have a nice little accident yesterday (check pt.net for cavalier vs 3500 hd )


either way man , i dig the carbon fiber weave it was really hard not to go with it . i wish i would have now because everyone thinks my seats are stocks with added suede inserts but the reality is the seats are all black leather now . the carbon weave would definatly say otherwise.


again , the more i look the more i like .

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haha thats funny carefull you end up with that modded emblem flyin off and stuck in your damn head..talk about havin a chevy on your mind..thats alil more literal then i ever plan on ..


another wreck?? il have to check that out over there on pt.net..your truck vs a cavy..i think ive probly have seen something simlar on MONSTERJAM..haha


i do love the suede look..and orignaly when i went to do it was planing on. but i just couldnt get over the common factor of it..and thinking no one would even notice since they put them in the TBSS...in my 69 camaro i used carbonfiber inserts and doors etc.. and loved it but its the silver carbonfiber..they didnt have the black on black when i did it. after talkin about it with my interior guy he said are u sure u dont wanna do something wild..and he pulled out gator and snake..in red..lol then said hey what about red carbonfiber? which was alil to wild for me..but as soon as i saw the black i was SOLD!! and actually thinking im going to have him switch out the silver for the black in camaro and do some total one of door panels..which my are already..and i like them but dont love them if that makes any sence. the guy im using now is sooo much talented im really kicking my self in the ass for not having him do my camaro instead of the shop i used.


chase check out his website..its kinda basic..and check out the motorcycle seats..edit nevermind i forgot your like me and dont want anything to do with anything less then 4 wheels..lol


the door panels on there are ones he just built from scratch pretty impressive i think.

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gotta paint the dam extend a visors. we couldnt figure out a good solution when we did mine and since i never use them we just painted them and keep them unused this way the paint will stay and look good for a while.


if you need a solution to the overhead grab handles , they are kind of hard to find but go through ebay and find an h2 with them in black use the vin to order them , they do exist and bolt in and look sick.


im actually starting to get jeolous of the carbon fiber , it would have tied my dipped parts in so well. kisk ass man .


i think all it needs now is an SS airbag rofl


the interior never ends though man . i thought i was done but no i just ripped it all apart to change it all to led , add a 3 pillar instead with a few goodies (eboost2/wideband/fuel psi/aeroforce scan and a boost guage) i also have the same overhead as you


i forgot to say for getting that pod mount flush what i did , it has two spots in the rear that are threaded . i found some of the little speaker holders for indoor speakers that go over sheet metal and allow a screw to be threded in , i opened them up and made it so they push on the plastic consold pulling the mount inward. works great


ok im done now .

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whoops..forgot to post the website.. http://www.lunascustomupholstery.com/


yaa the extend a visors diffently need to get done..i just couldnt find a way to get them done either..looks like i just end up painting them or dying them and be done with it.


we actually threw around the idea of doing an SS in the airbag..i was just worried it would be to much? could be cool tho..try it and then il know..haha


yeahhhh i know the interior neverr ends just like hp it seems..im already thinkin about ordering a carbonfiber/leather stearing wheel..hell there only like $180 on ebay..lol ofcourse then i would have to get a carbon bezzle center consul pieces to go with that...ughh


im thinkin already about switching the all the basic bulbs over to led..most of them are pretty easy arnt they? untill you get in to dash ofcourse.


ahhhh good info on the pod..ive kinda got a mental pic goin of what your talkin about..il have to pull it back apart tomorrow and see for my self if i can flush it..i love the idea of that!


chase jelous? theres something you dont hear everyday..haha but thanks alot! but wait a min...you got pieces dipped?? care to explain?

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ok this is kinda of a odd question..maybe its late and im not thinking strait..theres some pieces that i want in carbonfiber but no one makes..sooo i was thinking what would happen if i wrapped something in the carbonfiber leather..and then either clearcoated or resin or something along those lines..would it work?? would it melt the vinyl or leather ..just a late night idea i guess to try with out spending big money on real carbonfiber..not like im tryin to save weight or need the strength..but i dont like just the stick on vinyl stuff either

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hydrodip i think the name is of the process but they take any stock plastic part and dip it in a film if you will that covers it and looks awesome , they do mostly woods and carbon fiber color . this is how i have everything done , dash bezel(gm part) center console cubby boarder, ohh crap handle on the pass side, window controls , center console storage lid , etc . i think scoggin dicky does it now too. its not too expensive but requires you to send your parts out . autodynamicswest is the place i used since it was local and had the parts so i just took my parts to him and exchanged it then and there. the guy was a weirdo though.


here are some pics of that with the aftermarket wheel i have , the one i have is very nice but autowoods stopped making that style . so grant is about the only wheel id consider now with more of an aggressive racing style while retaing factory controls and airbag.




i didnt want to hog your thread anymore by posting them in here but it seems we cant look up our old topics from way back so that blows.


here is the dipped parts im speaking of in my truck




btw you need to come to the forum more often , the SS airbag is ready and im putting few together for members in the near future



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