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Crash @ Irwindale Thursday Night 2-24?


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This was posted on the Syclone website I'm a member of www.syty.net There is a pearl orange/red SS that was parked involved in an accident where a race Datsun's throttle stuck open & hit a bunch of cars & people.



anybody was at irwindale drag tonight 2-24-11,

this freaking dragster 240 datsun got his throtle stuck as he was coming back from running and it slammed into a trailer and then into the "waiting" line it hit first the gate took it wit him then hit a 09 saleen and a camaro and it turned facing the opposite direction in between the waiting lanes and IT KEEPT GOIN IN BETWEEN THE CARS AND THE FENCE WAS STILL STUCKED in his front end, ended up hitting anoter 2 camaros a SS silverado 2 hondas and som other 2 cars, only broke a ladys leg and som bruced up people but no fatalitys, i was 1 car in front of the saleen






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wow that sucks. i guess he wasnt smart enough to either install or use a fuel cut off or something to keep it from continuing on its rampage! glad no one was killed. i bet he had some people looking for him afterbanghead.gif

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Man that sucks but has the idiot never heard of a fuel cut off switch!? Jesus Christ, you'd think with all the money he probably had in that car the moron would have some kind of kill switch. If I was any one of the people he rammed into I'd be more than pissed. Luckily no one was seriously injured...could have been a lot worse.

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wow thats just crazy. im glad nobody was badly injured. could have been really bad. i agree on having a fuel cut off. but also why would he have not slammed it in neutral or park. i have had my throttle stick open on me once in my camaro. first thing i did was throw the car into neural then shut it off. unless it was a lenco trans or something.

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crazy , we go there alot . sucks to see this happen and hopefully they dont try and blame it on racing and shut the event down . thursdays down there are one of the bigger things in so cal.


i have never seen that SS befor either . i know a guy from pt was out there and texted us when we were at the sar meet.

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