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i woudlnt listen to these guys , they just dont want your truck to be faster than theirs. the way to make them work is run two.

Ive seen someone run two inline and he had all the horse powerz.

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you guys have no clue. a kid that i work with has one on his car. he said it gave it like 120 more hp. but he said when he kicks it on it uses way to much gas. he said its good for probably 8psi. he also said with it his car puts down close to 400 whp. his car is a dodge intrepid with a v6. :closedeyes::idiot::crackup::shakehead: hes one of those guys you cant tell anything to and his car is the fastest thing on the streets.

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So...I'm liking the leafblower idea. May be onto something with this thread. Maybe an SSS.com members initiated, members created invention for adding HUGE HP gains for very little cost. But a leafblower may be to expensive to retrofit. Come on guys, let's brainstorm !

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