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Bad Ass Car Collection Seized By Dea...........


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honestly it kind of seems like they were loading up for a car show.. If it was a DEA bust there would be alot more cops, traffic would be completely shut down and we wouldn't be getting video footage like this.




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ha, the dea just gained some sick unmarked cars!

When in NOLA the other day, I was riding back to the parking garage in my wheel chair and a murdered out Crown Vic with some kind of big black rims stopped next to us.BEATING DOWN THE BLOCK. It was an unmarked cop in plain clothes but with the government tag. You could barley see the police lights in the back window because of the tint. I just thought it was funny the police write tickets for noise violations but he was literally rattling my chest with his subs. Ten minutes later a lady left her purse sitting next to me and my girl. She should have not had sunglasses on a night. When we told the valet guy he just looked at us with amazement as if we should have stole it. I tipped him a dollar after checking to see if my Glock 17 was still in it's hiding place.


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