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Sts Turbo Intercooler

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hey guys


i just installed the sts turbo kit on my truck and i am waiting for to do my tranny but i was also looking to add the intercooler to this kit but, i did not want to buy this directly from sts as i think is way to expensive for some pipes and the intercooler. i got the kit used for less than 2000 and i really do not want to spend 1000 for the intercooler.

i have been seeing some intercooler kits on ebay but i am not sure if they will fit my set up. they go from 180 to 350 but i am not sure if they will fit. i have asked the sellers but they say; i have to check myself! no really helping my case.

does any one know where can i get the intercooler kit for the sts turbo kit?

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you guys can either buy and install the STS intercooler for 1200, or shop around, pick and choose parts and end up spending about 500 to 750$ in parts, then find someone who can weld and finish your budget intercooler bringing the expense up to a similar level that STS has. TO save money you have to shop very carefully and do the work yourself. I got my intercooler before STS had one available and I endedup spending 1300 with all of the needed parts, but my intercooler is much better than the stock STS one. I have an A2W barrel intercooler that supports 950hp

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i am going with a inline intercooler kit that AKSSS told me about! you could look at it at frozenboost.com they are hallf the price and various people told it works. they have one kit that supports 650hp and another that supports 1200hp.

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