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Few Things Installed.


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Well I got my TBTC, transgo HD2 shift kit, servos, boost valve, and tune installed. The shift kit and tune are set up for medium hard shifts since this is my DD. I can tell a major difference in performance already. It will take some getting use to driving with the higher stall. I have some questions about the tune. I noticed when I left off the gas and just cost the RPMS stay a lot higher like 1000-1300. IS this normal for a tune? Seems like it makes braking tougher. Also when I put the truck in gear to reverse or drive the rpms go up also. When driving around it sometimes seems as though the truck is shifting quick, but it might be a downshift??? I'm not too sure. There are a lot of hills in my area not sure if this is contributing.


I am just wondering if this normal and I just need to get used to it?

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